EnviroLux® Energy Systems, established in 1989, has designed and created the most powerful Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting products in the open market, delivering up to 164 LUMENS PER WATT, with a CRI of 83. EnviroLux® LED commercial lighting fixtures are truly manufactured in the USA, and replace most traditional light systems, reducing energy consumption by over 80%, and at the same time offering more usable light to the work area (see gallery tab).  Partner with EnviroLux® to offer the best LED Lighting solutions for your projects.  As Corporations worldwide become more environmentally conscious of the carbon footprint,  they are looking for solutions that achieve the highest Energy Efficiency, with a fast return on their investment.  EnviroLux not only exceeds this requirement, but you can rest assured that your investment will last for years, with very little degradation of light output or color degradation.  We utilize TL rated LED programmable drivers in our production (the highest thermal rating given by UL safety), and we con-formal coat our LED light engines making them water and humidity proof, so that your investment will remain durable for years of service.

EnviroLux® LED Technology has now reached an amazing 164.5 Lumens Per Watt with a CRI of 83

NOW AVAILABLE! EnviroLux® Wireless LED Drivers &
EnviroLux® Wireless Occupancy Sensors


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